Dental fetish stories

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Hey, thanks for reading this tory, please do not re- without my permission, but you are free to take it for your own personal consumption. Opening the door, you walk into the reception room, and the smell of dentistry hits you immediately. An odor of latex wafts through the building and you hear the muffled sound of a drill from a procedure room. The receptionist hands you some forms to fill out, so you sit down and begin to check off the boxes for each question.

You hand back the forms and sit listening to the sound of the drill whirring away in the next room. A few minutes later, the patient leaves the room, followed by the gorgeous dentist.

Dental fetish stories

You round a corner and he opens a door to an exam room. You settle yourself in the plush dental chair, and look at the art on the walls while you wait, with your heart racing in your chest.

Dental fetish stories

A few moments later the dentist comes back in the room and places a sealed package of tools on the table next to you. He lets each glove snap as he stretches them over his hands. He opens the package of tools and pulls out the mirror and a sharp looking probe. He picks up another sharp instrument and begins to scrape at your teeth. His gloved hands brush against your mouth as he roughly works on your molars, scraping of the plaque and testing your gums.

He pushes the tools into your gums, testing to see how sensitive they. It hurts, but you enjoy the pain. The dentist then picked up the polishing tool, and spun it a few times. He then dipped the tool into the red polishing paste, and began to apply it to your teeth. The whirr of the tool as is it moved through your mouth was so hot, and you began to leak precum. The stain spre through your underwear and then through your pants.

He pulls your cheek to one side side with his big gloved fingers and pushes the polisher hard against your teeth. When he finished covering all your teeth, he gets the water sprayer and washes the paste of your teeth. You swish the water in your mouth and spit it into the sink. The gas starts to rush out of the mask and up your nose and you immediately begin to feel dizzy.

Then, the dentist straddles you in the chair and hold holds your arms down. You can feel his massive erection poking into you as you begin to fall away into the blackness. You wake up slowly, unaware of your surroundings. You feel cold metal underneath your skin, which means your clothes have been taken off. The table appears to be able to move, as your sitting almost upright. Your arms a tightly bound to the table, and three black straps hold your chest down. With your legs up and pushed apart, your dick hangs loosely over your balls, and a slight breeze blows against your exposed hole.

You try and shake your head, but a large rubber strap over your forehead holds it in place. You yell out, but can't form any words because a metal gag is forcing your mouth open. The room is completely dark except for a single bright light shining in your face. To one side you see a set of dentist tools, glinting evilly in the light.

You hear a door open and then close. You try to yell out, but only a unintelligible sound comes out. He pulls dental fetish stories a face mask and moves to the side of the metal table. Amongst the instruments is a box of black latex gloves. He drags a pair out of the box and turns to you.

You desperately try to nod, but the strap is still holding your head in place. He pulls each glove far down his arm and then lets it snap back up. He rolls the cuffs down to their the full length and places his hands on your chest. Your dick jumps to life when he starts to pull on your nipples.

I dental fetish stories you want to feel every single second of it. I want to hear you scream. At one end is a motor connected to a rod, with a 7 inch black dildo is wobbling around at the end. His gloved hand applies lube to the dildo and then your ass. Dental fetish stories pushes the dildo up against you hole, and locks the wheels of the cart in place.

With the flip of a switch, the machine comes to life, and the rod begins to slowly push forward. The dentist uses his slippery gloved hands to guide the dildo into your ass.

Dental fetish stories

You fall into ecstasy as the dildo pushes its way in and out, made even better by the sight of the now rock hard dentist watching you get fucked. He pulls off the lubed gloves and pulls on the a new pair in the same manner as before. With the final snap, he picks up a dental mirror, and probes into your mouth. He looks at each cavity and then puts the mirror back down. He puts his gloved fingers into your mouth and begins to move them around, with some of them threatening to go down your throat. After that, we can have some more fun. He picks up the black rubber sheet and stretches it over a metal frame.

He places the rubber in your mouth and uncovers the two teeth with cavities.

Dental fetish stories

With his crotch next to you, he pushes it into the side of your face, allowing you to smell a musky mix of sweat, cum, and latex. He then picks up the drill and holds it over your face. With the gag and dental dam keeping your dental fetish stories open, he puts the drill in your mouth and it starts to whirr. He places it against the first tooth and pushes it in. The sudden onslaught of pain, combined with the continuing pleasure of the dildo machine, drives you wild.

He pushes the drill in and out, removing more material and getting the hole wider, ready to receive the compound. He stops every few seconds to admire you, bound and screaming, and finds a new spot to drill. After two minutes, he puts the drill down and picks up the water gun and one of his sharp instruments. He then proceeds to flush the debris away while poking at the sensitive, newly exposed, interior of the tooth.

Dental fetish stories

Each poke and prod sends a wave of delirious pain through your body. Then, after drying the hole off, he take a syringe with compound in it and injects into the hole. He uses a tool to spread the compound over tooth. Deftly, he places a UV light source over the tooth and turns it on. While the light is on, he reaches down and begins to play with your dick. He squeezes it and then fondles your balls.

Then, he squeezes them, almost to breaking point. He lets go of your aching balls and begins to jerk you off. Let me a get a bit more comfortable first. Looking to the side, you see his big latex-clad hands peel the black rubber jockstrap off. He drapes it over your face, placing the black rubber pouch over your nose. It is wet with sweat and precum, and the smell pierces your nostrils. He sits back down on his stool, naked except for his face mask and tight black latex gloves.

As he sits, he pushes his eight inch monster back into your face. It too is slimy with precum as he grinds it into your cheek. With his gloved hands, he picks up the drill again and forces it back into your mouth. The drill begins to squeal, and he places it against the other tooth. The pain intensifies as he works deeper into your tooth. With his dick still grinding into your face, he sprays water and scrapes at the sensitive interior of the tooth.

He injects more compound to fill the hole and places the UV light back into your mouth. He slowly strokes it, up and down. He wipes some of the precum off your cheek and uses it as lube to play with the sensitive head of your cock. He strokes the head firmly, with his gloves sliding around playing with your dick. You begin to pant as his strokes bring you closer to cumming, but like before, he stops before you can. He takes the light out of your mouth and places it back on the dental fetish stories.

With that, he removes the dental dam and uses it to wipe the precum from your cheek. He then releases the brakes on the cart and pushes it further into you. You pant as the dildo is fully consumed by your hole. The rod starts to makes its way up into you. Then, quickly, he pulls the cart back. The rod comes and the dildos flies out dental fetish stories a pop. You suddenly feel very empty, and your now loosened hole pulses with each rapid heartbeat. Placing a gloved hand on each thigh, the dentist pulls himself up to your hole.

All you can do is loan through the gag still keeping your mouth opens. He takes one hand and places it on your dick and the other inside your mouth. While one hand pumps at your dick, the other slides into the back of the mouth. He moves his latex fingers around causing you to gag. His dick fills you back up, stretching you even more, and pulses against your prostate. He slides in and out while pumping your dick harder and harder.

Cum for me you whore, cum for me. It flies up onto his chest and your stomach, and puddles in your belly button. He takes the other hand out of your mouth and scoops up some juice and puts it in your mouth. You hungrily lick dental fetish stories goo off his fingers. He begins to thrust into you harder and harder, his dick throbbing dangerously. Then, he slams into you and unlo into. With a final few pumps, he pulls out. With cum leaking from your hole, covering your body, and being fed into your mouth, he once again takes you by the jaw.

He takes the gag out of your mouth, allowing your aching jaw to rest. From the other side of the table, he picks up a big black mask with a black rubber hose running into a machine. He places the mask over your nose and mouth and flips a switch.

Dental fetish stories

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