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Kik being shut down Back. Apparently, the owners of KIK lost a court case over the use of the system as a carriage service for child trafficking. At this stage, it is expected to be shut by the end of the year but could be as early as Friday. PeachyPearL Woman 57yrs Perth Wow If the other thread that was posted yesterday in Swingers Lifestyle, that is still there, hadn't been there I reckon this thread would have had a lot more traffic by now.

Because wow. I'll have to have a deeper look.

Kik forum chat

It seems to be user friendly and you can block your being shown. Our communities need a new home, any ideas? My mistake. I did look for it. I thought it was somewhere else.

Kik forum chat

Personally I don't think kiks going anywhere. The other kik thread is still active. If there a Dick. Block the fucker!! They want ta meet, hey presto!! Oh, go away! And is good. It's protect the anonymity, you can change your username when you feel like it.

You can delete your messages and pictures before and after they have been seen. So Kik was good for a more real time back and forth convo. It also allows group chat, and sharing of pictures directly without having to wait for approval and without having to share a phone. Discord is very complicated at first but as you get used to it it becomes easier.

Yeah also really disappointed about kik being shut down. Group chatspic sharing etc. One example of how a phone can be misused includes plugging it into facebook to find their public profile.

Kik forum chat Kik forum chat

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