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My friends wife and I have been sexting the past 3 weeks. She's sent me everything I've asked for and more. Apparently by friend doesn't last long so she's always in need. In the next 3 days he's going out of town for work and she'll be alone with her. I've saved all her snap chat pics and am going to show them to her :.

If the little cunt wants me to delete them, she'll have to suck mean dick. Or I can anonimously show her husband through .


You guys can view the rest in her gallery. Let me know if you guys want clothed or different position pics. Dirty comments welcome :. Leave yourI'll text you a pic of my hard cock and we'll go from there. Maybe even phone sex, though I'd need someone experienced enough at it to teach me how. Hello, I'm a black guy, 25, straight and live in Virginia. I'm looking for a nice girl between from Virginia or close to help me with one or both of these things:. And as for watersports, I've never done it before and am really interested. Pissing can be done via text, but in person is highly preferred because I would love a golden shower If you're into "the brown" we can play with that too.

I'm very open to the idea and really want to enter this sexting Race is not an issue at all. I only ask that you be attractive. Your pics get mine. I prefer this to be on-going. Hit me up and let me know which you're interested in. Laying here in my bed alone tonight. I am enjoying the peace. But damn I want a dirty, filthy slut to cone take advantage of me. I prefer to be more dominant, but tonight I want to be used. Hell I'd be ok with phone sex or sexting with some pics and shit, maybe even video chat.

I'm not gonna be picky. I just just to bust a nut or 2, maybe even 3 tonight. My GF and I break up after Christmas but still message most sexting We even sexted a little. The breakup was mostly wanted by me. I assumed she had not had sex since it had only been about 5 weeks.

She told me She had a guy messaging her on FB a few times and she meets hims a few times for dinner. He then asks her to come to his house for dinner. She said yes I let him take me to bedroom after Making out. He was gentle and all but I made Mistake of asking about his cock. She said she could see the silhouette and he was really large. He inserted in her slowly at first but then started doing it hard bottoming our inside her.


She had to push him back so he put her on top but he did all the work fucking her hard from underneath. I asked if she came and she said she could t help it after he put her on top and she kept cumming on him. He was so deep but runbing her in a spot that made her cum sexting hard over and over. He stopped only because he told her listening to her cum was going to make him cum too soon. He then turned her over and he stood on floor fucking get deep from behind while she laid flat on her belly.

She said he came and shot cum all over the bottom of her back her crack.


Not inside her. He held her but she went back home pretty quickly shocked she had had sexual with this guy. She admitted to masturbating to him gently manhandling her to orgasm and to seeing his big cock.


She never even spoke other than text him after. Only because I happened to call And ask to see her. She said he seemed really upset and really liked her. She is so innocent in so many ways but so sexual when she gets excited. Here is a pic after a long session a few days after the guy and right after I fucked her.

I wanna get naked pics of my sister and sext with her but I don't think she will do that Shit. I really want to fuck her always have. Any tips. Im back. My dad. This percent real, i have to get it off my chest. For those who having been following the story ive been sexting my dad recently. But 2 weeks ago for some reason everythings unraveling. So over the yrs i visited him here and there.

Last time i saw him was 4 yrs ago. By the way, i was trying to look for a sex forum platform to have this discussion but i couldnt so i ed up to motherless. After sending pics back and forth to my dad for a week we started talking about getting together for a drink to see how we feel in person. So i got on a train and an hr later he picked me up from the station.

Then i went out for a smoke and he followed. Motherless is a moral free file host where anything legal is hosted forever! All illegal uplo will be reported. If you want to blame someone for the content on this site, blame the freaks of the world - not us.

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